Cable ladders in FRP installed at Airport Sola parking facility © Øglænd System
Photo: © Øglænd System

FRP system at Stavanger Airport in Norway

Two of three multi-storey car paks at Stavanger Airport are equipped with support systems and cable ladders in FRP material.

Rune Håvik from Oglaend System, says there are several reasons why the contractor chose a fiberglass installation, and that he hopes others will become aware of Oglaend System's FRP-system. The car park does not have any walls and is situated close to the North Sea, which is why corrosion was a major concern when choosing the right support system. 

Cable ladders in FRP installed at Airport Sola parking facility.

Corrosion resistance was one of the main reasons for choosing FRP, as well as the lower weight and quick installation the system provides. 

"Salt, moisture and humid air can make materials corrode and rust. In addition, constant construction work in the area generates a lot of dust that accumulates in water drops on the installed equipment. The dust often contains metal particles and so we want to avoid any of this rusty water to drip down on the parked cars," Håvik points out. 

For the harshest environments

Our FRP systems are becoming increasingly popular in corrosive environments. The combination of corrosion resistance and non-conductive materials is quite unique. In addition, FRP products weigh approximately 20% less than equivalent steel products. These fibreglass products are halogen free, fire retardant and impact resistant.  

Easy to modify

Mechanical modification of the FRP products is easy with hand tools and without any hot work. The FRP system can also be delivered with anti-vibration flange nuts.  

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Car Park at Stavanger Airport









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