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The World’s Longest Road Tunnel – Lærdal Tunnel

The Lærdal tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world, with its 24,5 kilometers. The tunnel connects the two municipalities Aurland and Lærdal in Sogn og Fjordane. For this project Oglaend System delivered LOE cable ladders and 1600 custom-made supports.

Seeing as it takes about 20 minutes to drive through the tunnel it has been important to put several safety measures in place. Special lighting has been installed to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. The light in the main tunnel is white, while every six kilometres there are halls for stopping or turning where the light is blue with yellow on the sides. This will give the driver the illusion of driving through a sunrise and then entering into daylight. Oglaend System delivered lighting support for all these lights, which resulted in a total of 1650 lighting brackets.



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The Lærdal Tunnel


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Statens Vegvesen

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Lærdal, Norway


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