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Cutting steel with Hilti angle grinder.

How to cut Channels, Cable Ladders and Cable Trays

In the Oglaend System Cutting Guideline you can easily find out what the optimal cutting lengths/intervals are for all modular products. As well as, learn about what's important to consider before you start cutting, what tools we recommend and after treatment of products.

Following the advice given in this cutting guideline will lead to: increased safety and handling, reduced weight, ease of installation, improved logistics and optimal performance of products.

This guide should also be applied when designing in 3D plant software to benefit from the same advantages of the modular installation.

Download the Cutting Guideline

Table of Content - read and learn about:

  • Safety and Tools
  • Selecting the Right Tool
  • After Treatment
  • Cutting Support Channels
  • Cutting Cable Ladders
  • Cutting Cable Trays