Casting concrete in winter time

Speed up construction work with heating cables for concrete curing

The Norwegian winter does not provide the best conditions for construction work. Cold and frost can in worst case scenarios delay the construction schedule. By using our heating solutions for concrete curing and frost protection you can ensure that the work stays on schedule all year round.

When the temperature drops, it is still possible to install heating cables for concrete curing and frost protection, since the lowest possible installation temperature for both products is -10°C.

OS Concrete Curing-40

OS Concrete Curing-40 is used for curing and drying-out concrete, but it can also be used as heating during the construction period.

The heating cables ensure an ideal temperature for curing and drying-out concrete and accelerates this process. That way, you can start the work with demolishing the casting frame sooner. More importantly, you also avoid frost damages when it is extremely cold.

By using OS Concrete Curing-40 you are able to start laying floors, painting and similar work a lot sooner.

Installation is done by attaching the heating cable to rebar and casting it with a compressed concrete mix. The cable is very robust to ensure that it can withstand mechanical stress and high temperatures. The maximum continuous operating temperature is 60°C. When the construction period is close to the end, then the heating cables can be disconnected and cut off from the concrete’s edge.

OS Frost Protection Concrete-16

Frost heave on buildings and surrounding areas could cause several issues, which is why it is necessary to make some precautions in order to avoid damages. Until the construction gets its seperate heating system you can use OS Frost Protection Concrete-16 to avoid frost heave damages when it freezes.


Please note that our heating cables are only for sale through Norwegian distributors.