Product Catalogue: Multidiscipline Support Systems

New and more comprehensive product catalogue available

An update of our product catalogue is ready! We invite you to download the catalogue and have a look through our product news for offshore application.

The catalogue contains product information about our multidisciplinary support systems, cable trays, cable ladders, tubing clamps, cable cleats, support for piping and HVAC.

To find more detailed information about a product in the catalogue, you can simply search for the article number on our website, where you will find information such as dimensional information and user guides.

A selection of new products and functions made available in the new product catalogue:

Direct Fastening on Steel

Product Catalogue: Multidiscipline Support Systems

After becoming a group company of Hilti, it has enabled us to expand our product offering. Oglaend System can offer a range of Hilti products through our Norwegian sales organisation. Our catalogue clearly outlines how these Hilti products are compatible with our systems and products.

For cold work and particularly for post paint modification, we highly recommend using our Hilti threaded bolts for fastening on steel (FoS). There are two varieties available, X-BT and S-BT, which are suited for mild and highly corrosive environments. A major benefit is that these fasteners can be installed even after the structure is painted. This is especially useful in modification projects or in the later phases of a project, where additional hot work and painting is not desired.

Flexible Elbow for SPB-RF cable trays

The new Flexi Elbow can be installed in any angle from 0º-90º. It is not unusual to encounter unforeseen obstacles in the cable trays route, such as pipes. To bypass these, you can simply adjust the Flexi Elbow sideways to change the direction of the cable tray's run. With a single component, you can ensure that flexible solutions are possible.

Anti-vibration nuts in HDG

We’ve recently added the anti-vibration function to our flange nuts with HDG coating. These nuts share many of the same advantages of our existing anti-vibration nuts in A4 quality. Anti-vibration HDG nuts are currently available in M10 and M12 sizes, which fit most applications.

Channel selector for the optimal support solution

Product Catalogue: Multidiscipline Support Systems

We have made it easier to select the most suitable Mekano® channel for your support system. In our new catalogue, we have presented an overview of which channels we recommend for different support types, whether it is U-support, L-support, T-support or cantilever arm together with indicative loading data. This selection guide can be found on pages 18-19 of the catalogue.