Cable ladder mounted on encapsulated support magnet

Support magnets for fastening on vessels

Our strong magnets can be installed as a permanent or temporary fastening point for support systems on any type of vessel. The support magnets are well-suited for areas that are hard to reach and difficult to work in.

The support magnets can be used to support the entire cable ladder system or can be added as a supplementary fastening point. If there is a need for more fastening points after the installation is completed, then we can also offer magnets that can be mounted directly on painted surfaces.

Compared to a welded starter, these magnets are more cost efficient, easier and faster to install, and requires minimal preparation work.

The support magnets are an ideal fit for sound-absorbing walls, because these walls only have a thin layer of steel, which is difficult to drill, weld and fasten in.

Magnets for different needs

Encapsulated neodymium magnet: The support force of these magnets does not deteriorate over time. The rubber coating protects painted surfaces and prevents corrosion on the magnet. While it can also be vibration reducing. All the fixings are made of stainless steel.



Magnet with cable holder: This magnet is intended to provide temporary support for cables on bulkheads. The round shape enables easy routing of cables. There is a pre-drilled hole in the cable holder, which makes it possible to secure cables to the holder with ties.



Non-capsulated ferrite magnet: These magnets are intended to be glued to the structure and can be used on both painted and non-painted surfaces. To avoid corrosion, it is important to paint the magnet together with the structure. 





Please read our “Health & Safety for handling Support Magnets” leaflet before handling and using the magnets. 


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