Cable ladders

OE Cable Ladder System
The OE Cable Ladder System is designed to offer high loading capacities together with significant weight reductions. OE Cable Ladders are designed to be safe, and give distinct HSE benefits.
LOE Cable Ladder System
LOE is an economical low weight cable ladder system suitable for medium to light loads such as instrumentation, data & telecom cables and where cables have a bending radius less than 300 mm.
FOE Cable Ladder System
The FOE Cable Ladder system is made in corrosion resistant fibre reinforced plastic and is designed to deliver weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximizing loading capability.
RZE Cable Ladder System
We offer two distinctive types of Cable Ladders for Ships. RZE-R is a cable ladder with a smart design which reduces the need for fittings to change direction of the cable run. RZE-P is the preferred system for heavy loads. Both systems are complemented by a comprehensive range of accessories.
TOE Cable Ladder System
Cable ladder for infrastructure projects.

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