FTE Composite Cable Tray System

System Overview

FTE Composite Cable Tray System

Oglaend Systems FRP Cable Trays are made of corrosion resistant fibre reinforced plastic, and are aimed for electrical and instrumentation installations. The design delivers weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximising loading capability. The material is lightweight and does not rust. The design delivers HSE improvements when lifting and fitting Tray and Support equipment. The Cable Trays are available in five different resin materials, each formulated to satisfy special project requirements.

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Design details
FTE Cable Tray heights, 50 and 80 mm.

Different heights (mm)

Different tray heights to give more choice for loading space availability. Designed with unique I-beam for superior loading capacity. FTE comes in standard heights of 80 mm and 50 mm. 100 mm height is available upon request.

FTE widths

Available widths (mm): 

50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 & 600.

FTE accessories supplied in FRP and SS.

Fitting accessories available in FRP and SS

Fitting accessories such as covers, cover clips, fixing clamps and smart jigs are available in the materials FRP and SS.

FTE pre-slotted channels

Pre-slotted Tray 

Saves drilling time.

FTE covers

Covers and Fixing Clamps 

Snap-on cover and heavy duty clamps.These are particularily useful in high wind environments.

Composite System (FRP)
Complete composite system for highly corrosive environments.
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