SPB-LB Cable Tray System

System Overview

SPB-LB Cable Tray System

SPB-LB Cable Tray System has return flanges on the sides and is designed with no sharp edges. The cable trays feature slot patterns allowing for efficient fitting of Cable Ties. Available in 40 mm height in a range of materials and finishes. Width from 500 to 600 is delivered in 55 mm height.

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Design details
SPB-LB Cable Tray heights, 40 and 55 mm.

Different heights (mm)

Different tray heights to give more choice for loading space availability. Return flange for increased load capability. SPB-LB comes in heights of 40 mm or 55 mm.

SPBE widths

Available widths (mm)

The tray with height 40 mm is available in PG and WE with widths 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 mm, and in HDG and SS with widths 75 and 100 mm. The tray with height 55 mm is available in PG and WE with widths 500 and 600 mm.

SPB slot patterns

Alternating slot patterns 

To ensure full flexibility to install all types of Tubing Clamps and other equipment. The following slot and hole pattern is generic for the type, and varies depending on the type and material. The trays in PG are also available unslotted and the tray of height 55 mm in WE is only available unslotted. The tray of height 40 mm in SS and WE is customisable with regards to length, thickness, epoxy colour or special treatment. 

SPBE accessories


SPB cable tray products are complemented with a wide selection of brackets and fitting solutions enabling compact and stable fitting in all possible configurations and scenarios. A comprehensive range of standard and specialised accessories and fittings is also available for smart fitting solutions for standard to the most diverse types of equipment.