OS K3 20W/m at +5°C

OS K3 is approved for frost protection on the outside of pipes and in roofs, gutters and drains. The heating cable has an oval shape with the dimensions 10,0 x 6,0 mm. Self-regulating heating cables have a high start current, which varies depending on length and temperature. Therefore, it is important to use fuses with C-characteristics, view table. Use a connection and end kit or cold end connection, view product table. The heating cable has meter marks, which makes it easy to measure. When using OS K3 as frost protection of pipes and drains you can in put a heating cable in the gutters in most cases. OS K3 can hang freely for up to 25 meters in the drain. Remember to use OS Tension Release (el. nr. 10 367 28), in the joint between the gutter and the drain. Also use an earth-leakage circuit breaker with max. 30 mA drop-out current.