Oglaend offer a wide range of nuts, bolts and fasteners. Our unique all metal anti-vibration flange nuts stay securely tightened without the need for washers, nylon nuts or thread locking compounds. The key to the anti-vibration system is advanced technology in the thread design, which restricts movement between the nut and bolt during vibration, thus preventing loosening. Installation time is reduced as the flange nuts are free running onto bolts with no resistance, and are then tightened with one hand and one tool.

Racks, Instrument Stands and Equipment Plates

Our range of equipment rack designs provide optimal area utilisation and are easy and quick to install. We also has a range of different solutions for instrument stands and our versatile equipment plates are designed to fit a range of different equipment from multiple suppliers. Custom made versions are also available.

Cable cleats and ties

SmartCleat® is our range of patented short circuit approved cable cleats which are extremely compact and simple to install. The SmartCleat® has been comprehensively tested and 3rd party approved. We also offer Cable Ties in stainless steel, uncoated and coated.

Tubing Clamps

The ETIN™ and INKO® tubing clamps are quick and easy to install and can be stacked and staggered to maximize the fitting space available. The patent protected clamps are independently vibration tested and approved by DNV.

Light Fitting Support

We offer a complete range of robust, cost-efficient lighting support equipment systems which are simple to installand will suit the lightest to the harshest of environments.

HVAC Clamps and Straps

We offer a complete HVAC clamp range including solutions for both insulated and uninsulated ducting of both circular and rectangular types. The clamps are designed to minimise the fitting space required.

Pipe Clamps, Shoes and Accessories

Our Pipe Clamps and Shoes are designed to be fully compatible with our Mekano® channels, either by bolting directly in the pre-drilled holes or by using an adapter. The design also ensures they are easy to install without having to weld, and therefore maintain a high degree of flexibility.



Hilti tools for fastening S-BT and X-BT HL threaded studs.

Grating Systems

Direct fastening solutions for installing gratings on steel structures.

Cable Transit Systems

Modular sealing solutions for cable penetrations offering firestop, water-, smoke- and gas-tightness.