Threaded stud S-BT-MF M8/7 AN 6

Article number: 2139174

Threaded screw-in stud made of carbon steel for multi-purpose fastenings on painted steel. The stud allows fast and easy single-operator installation with battery driven tools. There is no through penetration and rework required. Minimum base material thickness 6 mm. The system holds the relevant offshore and onshore approvals and is suited for use in mildly corrosive environment. Supplied in a box containing: 100 x S-BT-MF studs, 100 x Hilti flange nuts, 1 x stepped drill bit TS-BT 5.5-74 S for carbon steel, 1 x check gauge and IFU (instructions for use)-manual. Oglaend System anti-vibration flange nuts can be ordered separately.