SPBE Cable Tray System

System Overview

SPBE Cable Tray System for tubing and light electrical installations.

The SPBE Cable Tray System is a simplified cable tray with side heights of 20 or 40 mm specifically designed for tubing and light electrical installations. A comprehensive range of accessories and specialised fittings fully complements the range. Our unique range of cost and labour saving tubing adapters, ETIN™ and INKO®, fit the entire range of cable trays up to 200 mm wide. For hole pattern and tubing clamp compatibility from 300 mm wide, an adapter is needed for fitting INKO®. SPBE cable trays feature slot patterns allowing for optimal and efficient positioning of equipment and easy access for cable ties and other fixings.

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Rail Height

SWL 1.5 m
SS/HDG/ZM (kg/m) 

SWL 2 m
SS/HDG/ZM/AL (kg/m) 

SWL 2.5 m
SS/HDG/ZM (kg/m) 

SWL 3 m
SS/HDG/ZM (kg/m) 

Material thickness
SS/HDG/ZM (mm) 







- /-/17

1.5/2.0/1.53 or 2.04/2


Tubing and light 
electrical installations






1.5/1.51 or 2.02/2/2

1Widths from 50-100 mm, 2Widths from 150-400 mm, 3Widths from 50-200mm, 4Widths from 300-600. *Test results from cable tray width 400 mm.
SWL = Safe Working Load. Loading data according to IEC61537. The length of the end span must be reduced to 3/4 of the support spacing and with no splices on the end span.

Design details
SPBE Cable Tray heights, 20 and 40 mm.

Different heights (mm)

Different tray heights to give more choice for loading space availability. SPBE comes in standard heights of 20 mm or 40 mm. The trays come in stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and aluminium. The cable tray of height 20 mm also comes in PG.


SPBE widths

Available widths (mm)

50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500* and 600*.

*Only available for SPBE20.


SPB slot patterns

Alternating slot patterns 

To ensure full flexibility to install all types of tubing clamps and other equipment. The following slot and hole pattern is generic for the type, however has variances depending on width and material type. Please see the induvidual cable tray for the exact pattern.


SPBE accessories


SPB cable tray products are complemented with a wide selection of brackets and fitting solutions enabling compact and stable fitting in all possible configurations and scenarios. A comprehensive range of standard and specialised accessories and fittings is also available for smart fitting solutions for standard to the most diverse types of equipment.