Klepp Kvinner Elite

Klepp Women Elite

Proud sponsor of women soccer at Klepp IL. Klepp has a long and strong tradition. Since women elite soccer was nation wide in 1987, Klepp has been in the top divison. But women soccer at Klepp is not just about the past, but it is about the future as well.

This years team has several players from their own youth division. In addition, Klepp is a goal for many local talents. In 2009 Klepp had 13 players represented on Norway’s national team for their age group. Klepp Women Elite consists of young and up coming women from the ages 16 to 28, with an average of 21.

Klepp Women Elite does not only focus on excellent players. They are role models for young players in their own club as well as other local clubs. Their goal is to compete for the medals in both the Norwegian League and the Norwegian Cup.

Why we support Klepp Women Elite

Oglaend System supports Klepp Women Elite because they are focused on good results and talent improvement - both based on a long and strong tradition. 

These are values Oglaend System wishes to be associated with. And not the least, Klepp Women Elite is also a part of our local community in Kleppe, Norway.