Career Development

Grow your career at Øglænd System. We offer continuous learning and development opportunities to help you advance your skills and achieve your professional goals. Join us and thrive.


Explore Your Strengths

Here at Oglaend System, we focus on potential over track record, giving you the chance to build on your strengths and grow your skills. We have a strengths-based approach to both hiring and developing talent, enabling you to focus on growing your skills and exploring what’s next.



Your Learning Journey is All Centered Around You

Whatever function you work within, we promise to grow your experience with training, tools and workshops focused on everything from business understanding to project management.

Throughout your career with Oglaend System, you will embark on a personal development path that is aligned with your strengths – what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. It allows you to own your development, and provides you with the platform to succeed.



Career Paths

In Oglaend System we are highly focused on large projects working closely together cross departments to deliver the best experience for our customers. We have a dedicated innovation team that develops and improves our product offering, engineering teams that works with structural analysis, finite element analysis and our own test and innovation centre dedicated to test our products. We have our own factory, a great sales team, project management teams - giving lots of different opportunities to develop in your career.

Do you want to move abroad and explore different parts of the world while also developing your career? Oglaend System is a group company of Hilti and have companies all over the world offering great career opportunities.