Aerial view of Al Taweelah. Copyright © Emirates Global Aluminium
Photo: Copyright © Emirates Global Aluminium

Emal Smelter Complex Phase 2, CCPP

Due to the aggressive atmospheric conditions in UAE, the best choice was FOE Cable Ladders and FTE Cable Trays. These were supported by Mekano® channels that were painted on-site.

Oglaend Industries Middle East provided engineering support for phase 2 of the EMAL Smelter Complex project, which involved designing support systems and reviewing the BOM (Bill of Material).

The EMAL Complex consists of an aluminium smelter, power plant and carbon plant. The whole complex covers an area of 6 km2 and is one of the largest industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi. The objective of Phase 2 was to increase the power plant's production capacity from 1000MW to 3000MW, in order for the smelter to be self-sufficient with power. 

Project details


Emal Smelter Complex Phase 2


Power Plant




United Arab Emirates


Emirates Aluminium Company Limited & Emirates Global Aluminium

End location

Al Taweelah, UAE


Samsung C&T