RZE-R Cable Ladder System for Ships in Aluminium.

Cable ladder for ships now available in aluminium

We have seen an increasing demand for building lightweight vessels with aluminium topsides. To support our shipbuilding customers in this development, we are launching a brand-new aluminium version of our well-known RZE-R cable ladder.

The new aluminium cable ladder shares the same design as the rest of the RZE-R range. It features a unique hole pattern that makes it possible to change the cable ladder’s vertical and horizontal direction, without adding any extra parts.

Oglaend System can now offer a complete support system in aluminium for ships that combines low weight with high load capacity.

Aluminium – an excellent choice for the shipbuilding industry

An aluminium product weighs approximately one-third of its steel counterpart and has an impressive strength to weight ratio. By lowering the topside weight of a vessel, you will get a vessel that is faster and more stable, while also reducing total operating costs.

Aluminium is exceptionally corrosion resistant and requires minimal maintenance, which is why it is the ideal material choice for marine environments where high humidity and salt water is a challenge. When the material is exposed to this environment it forms a coherent surface oxide that prevents the aluminium from corroding.

Make directional changes without extra parts

RZE-R has a design that sets it apart from the rest of our cable ladder ranges. The special hole pattern makes it possible to make directional changes, both horizontally and vertically, without using extra parts such as bends and risers. Vertical obstacles such as pipes often pose a challenge when installing cable ladders, but with the RZE-R cable ladder, you can easily bypass these. You don’t even need any tools to make a horizontal directional adjustment.

Watch the tutorial video below to see how easy it is to make a horizontal bend. 

If you want to create a 45° or 90° vertical riser of the cable ladder, then you only need to make minor cuts in the hole pattern and then bend the ladder to the desired direction.

Complete product range in aluminium

The cable ladder can be delivered as a complete support system, which consists of starter brackets and two Mekano® channels in aluminium (CH50-2 and CH100-1). This support system is a part of our well-recognised MultiGrid® solution for ships. If you choose our complete support system you will save both weight and space, while also getting a flexible system that can easily be adapted or expanded in the future.


Our cable tray systems in aluminium and other innovative products such as support magnets can also be used together with our complete support system for ships.

Product Design

Product advantages

  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Lightweight with an excellent load capacity
  • Change cable ladder direction to bypass obstacles without using extra parts
  • Vertical riser can be created by partially cutting the holes and then bending to the desired direction, either 45° or 90°.
  • Successfully tested in accordance with the IEC 61537 standard and is pending DNV approval.  
  • ETIN™ tubing clamps can be fitted directly onto the rungs. An adapter is also available for INKO® tubing clamps.
  • The rungs have a Z-design, which makes it easy to fasten cable ties. These rungs also make it possible to install equipment both over and under the ladder.

Product specifications

  • Aluminium class: side rails 6062 and rungs 5052 H22
  • Standard widths: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm
  • Supplied in 3-meter lengths

Download our wallchart for the RZE-R cable ladder to see a complete overview of the system offered. The products are also available in our Product Selector. To learn more about these products, contact your local Oglaend System sales office.