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Mall of Scandinavia

The grounds where this project is constructed are mostly made up of seabed with lots of clay. As a result, the ground beneath the building’s foundation is expected to sink approximately 1,5 metres. With this challenge in mind, it was important to find a solution where sewage pipes would be protected by a support system and cable ladders.

Oglaend System designed a custom support solution for all sewage pipes beneath the foundation. Seeing as the environment is especially corrosive our customer, Peab, chose support systems and cable ladders made of fibreglass (FRP). The complete system is designed after Oglaend System’s MultiGrid® concept.

The Mall of Scandinavia is the second largest shopping mall in the Nordic region. It houses 224 shops and restaurants in its 101,048m2 large facilities.

Mall of Scandinavia

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Mall of Scandinavia







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Stockholm, Sweden