Photo: Jonas Thunström/Oglaend System

Molnby train depot

Oglaend System recommended supports and cable ladders of fibreglass for this project, since the customer had specified a non-conductive support solution.

The FRP systems and cable ladders were cut to length and holes were pre-drilled, in order to make installation both quicker and safer for the customer.

Our biggest challenge on this project was how to support the long spans of cable ladders. The supports were too far apart to adequately support the cable ladders. To solve this issue, we developed a special bracket that was used to fasten additional supports to the building’s steel beams. This special product enabled us to create the necessary amount of supports and ensure appropriate support of the long span of cable ladders. 

The depot is located in Molnby in Vallentuna municipality in Sweden. Construction of the project began in 2017 and the complete facility is expected to be ready in the course of 2019.

The Molnby train depot project is a part of renovation works on the “Roslagsbanen” train line. When completed the depot will consist of an 8000 sqm depot, 4000 sqm workshop and an office facility.

Twenty-two trains will be put into service in 2022 and therefore it was necessary to build a new depot that could house the 60-meter-long trains. While also enabling cleaning and maintenance in the same facility.

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Molnby train depot








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