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MultiGrid® installation at Johan Sverdrup with Mekano® support system.
Photo: Eirin Eidem, Øglænd System

Johan Sverdrup

Oglaend System entered into a frame agreement with Equinor (previously Statoil) for the production and delivery of support systems to four platforms of the Johan Sverdrup field.

“The contract included engineering support, product design, production and delivery of our cost efficient and standardised multidisipline support system, cable ladders and cable trays,” CEO of Oglaend System, Geir Austigard, explains.

Two Oglaend System design engineers have been stationed at the Samsung yard in Korea throughout the construction phase. They have been working in rotation, one month on and one off, to ensure that engineering support from Oglaend System was always available.

“We have direct contact with the end-customer and can help solve any issues onsite,” Design Engineer for Oglaend System, Stian Knudsen says.

We started making our deliveries in 2016 and production started in the in 2019.

More opportunities have arisen since gaining this frame agreement. Oglaend System has been awarded contracts for both Johan Castberg and Johan Sverdrup phase two.


Project details


Johan Sverdrup


Oil platform








Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), Aibel Thailand, Kvaerner Norway

End location

Utsirahøyden, Nordsjøen


Equinor, Apply