Dolwin © Aibel, Øyvind Sætre
Photo: © Aibel, Øyvind Sætre

Dolwin Beta

This type of platform is quite similar to a traditional oil & gas platform, however there is one critical difference; it is unmanned. As a consequence, it is important that equipment can withstand the corrosive offshore environment, otherwise costly maintenance work could occur. For the Dolwin Beta project we delivered SPB-RF cable trays, OE cable ladders and Mekano® channels, which are all products we recommend for this environment. 

Dolwin Beta is a submersible floating platform equipped to receive alternating current and convert to direct current. Afterwards it will be transported via subsea cables to an onshore facility.

The Dolwin Beta project was completed through a collaboration between Aibel and ABB, where Aibel was responsible for design and construction, while ABB had the main responsibility and delivered HVDC-equipment and cables. It has been put into operation on a wind farm area in the German sector of the North Sea.

Project details


Dolwin Beta


Wind energy




United Arab Emirates



End location

North Sea (German sector)


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