Mekano® Support System

Mekano® is a flexible, light weight and cost saving support system for all main disciplines including electrical, instrumentation, telecom, HVAC and piping. Mekano® sections are available in a range of profiles, grades and materials to suit any application, however all share the same high quality engineering solutions. When compared to traditional welded supports, Mekano® Systems are significantly lighter, quicker to install, safer in construction and more cost effective. Mekano® systems offer full flexibility in design and installation both in initial construction and in all subsequent adaptation or upgrade works.

FRP Support System

FRP support system in corrosion resistant fibre reinforced plastic. The support channels are designed to deliver weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximizing loading capability. The support channels are available in five different resins materials, each formulated to satisfy special project requirements.

UNO Support System

UNO is a traditional, tried and tested support system comprising simple U-shaped profiles. The channels are bolted together to form support configurations using a wide range of brackets and accessories. Unlike our Mekano® System, UNO cannot be fitted back-to-back without the use of additional brackets.

Cantilever Arm

Both our Mekano® multidiscipline support system and our UNO support system are complimented by a range of simple to install cantilever support arms which can be used for supporting Cable Ladders and Cable Trays. They can also be fixed directly to wall.

System Specific Support

Specific support systems for OE- and LOE ladders and SPB trays.

Miscellaneous Support

Perforated profiles, stud welding support, threaded rod, doubling plates, u-bolts, concrete insert rail, cantilever arms, support magnets and concrete element support.