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Fastening on Steel (FoS)

Post-paint modification for multipurpose grating and electrical applications.

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What is Fastening on Steel?

The Fastening on Steel (FoS) system is made up of two types of corrosion resistant studs from Hilti – S-BT and X-BT HL. The SB-T threaded studs are screwed directly onto painted steel structures. Whereas, the X-BT HL threaded studs are fastened by friction welding.

FoS is especially suitable for field support and late-stage modification of multi-discipline applications, grating and earthing/bonding of electrical systems. The installation of FoS is done using only battery powered tools and this method makes grinding, welding and repainting unnecessary.

Øglænd System is a group company of Hilti. All Hilti products featured on our website are available globally from your regional Hilti sales organisation. For our valued customers in Norway, these products are also available directly from Øglænd System AS.

Many operators require installers to be certified to install Hilti threaded studs (FoS) in Norway in the following industries: Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding and Offshore Wind.

Please contact your local Øglænd System sales office for more information and to sign up for training.


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