Fastening on Steel (FoS) multipurpose

Multipurpose fastening

In this guide we'll show you which fastening on steel technology to use for installation of support systems, brackets and other equipment.

Our best practice recommendation for multipurpose fastening (MPF) is to use size M10 X-BT or S-BT MR threaded studs. For offshore applications we recommend studs in Stainless Steel (SS) material.



Threaded Stud 
S-BT-MR M10/15 SN 6 OGL
Art. no.: 2205156


Threaded Stud
X-BT-MR M10/15 SN 8 OGL
Art. no.: 2217525

M8 and M6 threaded studs are also available and can be used for special applications.


General information

S-M WA-13x45x3 A4
Art. no.: 84307

Flange Nuts
S-M NU-FL-M10 A4
Art. no.: 1371973


Use washer when fastening (non-FoS brackets) brackets with hole/slot opening >13 mm.

Always use the OS anti-vibration flange nuts for FoS applications.

If sealing between the FoS bracket and the painted surface is necessary, then we recommend using TEC7.





MPF applications

Please ask your local sales representative for our Hilti MPF guideline for more details.


Non-engineered application(s)

  • Use together with Oglaend System FoS brackets.
  • S-BT or X-BT M10.
  • Light duty EI&T.

Pre-engineered application(s)

  • Pre-engineered applications by Hilti/OS are described in the Hilti MPF guideline.
  • X-BT M10.
  • Medium and heavy duty EI&T, HVAC and piping.

Special application(s)

  • Engineered and documented by qualified engineers.
  • All kinds of applications.
  • Use of load tables for the different studs: S-BT or X-BT M10.


Installation guide


FoS brackets:

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