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Multidiscipline Support System

Innovative Solutions

We continuously strive to make our customers more competitive. Our approach to this challenge is development of innovative solutions that allow customers to stay in the forefront.

MultiGrid® Installation Concept

MultiGrid is the name of our unique installation concept. It promotes shared support for multiple disciplines. At the same time, it gives you flexibility to easily modify the system during construction or in later phases. Read more about how to save cost at an early stage in your project and to reduce the total system costs.

Mekano® Triangular Channels

Mekano is our flagship support system for all main disciplines including electrical, instrumentation, telecom, HVAC and piping. The installation time is severely reduced as no welding is required. The triangular shape cuts away unnecessary weight while maintaining its torsional strength. Reduced material needs, weight and installation time means more value for the customer.

Anti-Vibration Fasteners

Our unique self-locking bolts and anti-vibration nuts in HDG and A4 material quality guarantee against loosening from vibration. The fasteners are quick to install and are included as standard for most of our products. Read more about how anti-vibration fasteners help keep people and assets safe.