3D libraries

Our support systems, cable ladders & trays and equipment catalogues are created and maintained by Aveva (E3D/PDMS) and Hexagon (Intergraph Smart 3D). This is to ensure that our products are produced in a compatible system with our customers.

At Oglaend System our engineering support team connects directly with our customer to assist with modelling our system, and we continue to update our catalogues with new products. Our support systems are available both in MDS format and as structural files.

For further details on gaining access to our Aveva (E3D/PDMS) and Hexagon (Intergraph Smart 3D) catalogues please contact your local Aveva or Intergraph representative.




BIM files

BIM – building information modelling – is revolutionizing the way projects are designed and managed. Not only in 3D design software, but the collaboration through the entire projects is easier using BIM. Oglaend System's BIM library will soon be available for download. For more information, please contact your local sales organisation.

STEP/CAD files

We offer a project specific 3D model library formatted in STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data), the ISO standard exchange format. These files can be used in different CAD softwares, and is useful when doing application and detail design. The STEP files includes the three-dimensional outline of our products. Please contact your local sales organisation for more information.