R&D department

Engineering Support

There are many complex decisions to be made during the course of an engineering project. Our engineering group ia available to provide recommendations on design, materials, solutions and offer best practice advise for installation and future maintenance in order to support our customers in these projects.

Our engineering department has many years of experience and understand how complex and difficult project development can be. We are here to support our customers with solutions both with regards to application, design of a project and specific products to solve complex challenges. Our support systems are delivered with user guides and best practice for installation and maintenance of the system. We assure viability in all our designs and solutions, and always have in mind our core value; customer satisfaction.

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Our work flow

The first point of contact for customers is our global sales organisation, which lays the foundation for all project development. Based on the project’s complexity, details and requirements can be put forward to the engineering group. We often establish direct contact with our customer’s technology departments to retrieve project specifications and share knowhow. Subsequently, when all relevant information has been put forward, our engineers can present the best solution for the overall project scope and send it for final approval to our customer.       

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Group Technology & Marketing

Our engineering department is built up with focus on having key knowledge in a wide spectrum, ranging from cost effective manufacturing, design and application, to product management, testing and structural analysis. We also have communication specialists to ensure that all information is presented in the most accessible manner.

We have specialised engineers in different sectors ranging from offshore oil and gas industry to onshore infrastructure. In addition, we approach new opportunities in emerging markets and have made a large effort to supply offshore wind energy with smart solutions since 2007. You can read more about our projects here:

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Assembly support

To design a system is one thing, and to assemble it is another. We have all been there; being left with five screws and a plate extra after assembling a cabinet. Not to worry, Oglaend System provides user guides and knowhow brochures to our customers. For large projects and customers with special solutions, we create custom made assembly guides.

We integrate different disciplines

Seeing as our GT&M team focus on creating multidisciplinary products, we are able to transit ideas from one discipline to another, and between industry areas. Through connecting HVAC, EI&T and piping in a MultiGrid® support system we lower the overall weight and cost of the project.

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Quality in development

Every day our technology group create an extensive amount of customer adapted products. Before these products reach the market, they undergo research, production feasibility, cost calculations and in some cases testing at our own test lab to assure low price, but high-quality products.

We can supply customers with:

  • Unique product and system designs
  • Best practice instructions for installation and maintenance  
  • Tailored solutions for your needs
  • Support for engineering questions
  • Full documentation package with drawings and 3D images
  • Testing of assemblies and typical test data on supports
  • Support onsite