Oil & Gas project

Project support & involvement

The most successful projects maximize positive synergies across subordinate processes. In our Group Technology & Marketing department, we have therefore centralized expertise that can support all phases of a project.

We have innovators who design new- and bespoke products, application engineers that help design system solutions, and structural expertise that provide engineering support. 

To take full advantage of our services, we emphasise early project engagement, but Oglaend System is also equipped to provide rapid and focused support to running projects.

Projects with early involvement

To integrate disciplines, demands a large amount of data to be collected and used. 

R&D department

This is why we have integrated our products in various 3D project environments with typical assemblies, making the tedious work of 3D assembly easier and more efficient. 

We can supply knowledge on how to integrate different disciplines with our MultiGrid® system, and propose solutions on demand. 

We support you with knowledge and user guides for our products. 

Project contractors will have our products available in:

  • Aveva 
  • Smart plant 3D 
  • PDMS

Read more about 3D libraries.

Projects with late stage involvement

Do you find yourself in a locked position, where time is short and advices are expensive?

We at Oglaend System can help you with solutions for your project. We have a positive attitude towards solving difficult challenges while focusing on keeping costs low for all our customers. Our engineering team will brainstorm your challenge and make use of standard products, as well as designing new components to find the best solution for you. One of our core values is Solution oriented, which we always strive to live up to. 

Modification Projects 

Are you considering upgrading your asset to meet increasing demands or standards? We can support you in your Brownfield modifications and upgrades.

Multidiscipline Support System

Our flexible cold work solutions will upgrade your asset to meet modern standards and demands. With the MultiGrid® concept, you will have the flexibility for future changes and challenges, we bring smart cold work solutions to your industry. 

As you may be aware of, naturally, the cost of changes exponentially grows after the FEED phase. Installing our MultiGrid® system provides freedom of choice for making necessary rerouting of EI&T, HVAC and even Piping at later stages of the project.

Development Projects

Customised solutions are one of our specialities, if your project is still in the development phase then we can help conceptualise it. 

Tailor made solutions!

At times, standard products may not be the best fit for your project, which is why our R&D department work with finding the best solution for your project. Our engineering team will provide the customer with proposed solutions, which is open for customer input and further development. Sometimes a customer’s challenge can be solved through customising a standard product, or a brand-new product can be created for the purpose. We can adhere to specific standards and requirements, and can do the necessary testing inhouse as well. 

Do you have high system requirements?

We can help you meet requirements for deflection and rigidity for your discipline. Our newly developed structure analysis program can calculate and document our Mekano® supports for Piping, EI&T and HVAC. Even for complex supports with all disciplines integrated.  

Read more about our newly developed structural analysis tool, P4D.

Installation of Multidiscipline Support Systems.

Global Support

Our strategy is to be present wherever project development and industry growth is happening, this is why Oglaend System has subsidiaries in over 14 countries and currently has factories located in Norway, China and Malaysia. A local office allows for onsite support and dialogue within your preferred framework. We are never far away from where projects are being developed.

Contact your local sales office.