Mekano® Triangular Channels

Mekano® is a flexible, lightweight and cost saving support system for all main disciplines including electrical, instrumentation, telecom, HVAC and piping.

Our flagship range

The patented Mekano® Triangular Channels are compact and rigid due to their closed section, whilst being considerably lighter than SHS or RHS sections. Unlike welded stock steel and UNO type systems, Mekano® Triangular Channels can be fitted back to back without needing any additional brackets or fittings. The profiles have generous access holes on the back for easy access for fasteners, and allow for cables to be housed inside. 

Lighter, Safer & Cost Effective

Mekano® support systems are bolted together onsite using our Anti-Vibration Fasteners, or in lightweight pre-assembled sections for safe and easy installation. Compared to traditional welded supports, Mekano® systems are significantly lighter, quicker to install, safer construction and more cost effective.

Maximum Flexibility

Most importantly, Mekano® systems offer full flexibility in design and installation both in initial construction and in all subsequent adaptation or upgrade works. This flexibility is further enhanced by employing our MultiGrid® installation methods as best practice.

Mekano® sections are available in a range of profiles, grades and materials to suit any application, however; all share the same high-quality engineering solutions.

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Mekano Support Channels

Mekano Support Channels