Pipe shoes and clamps on Mekano®

Calculate precise support capacity for piping

The Mekano® support system is designed to be fit for purpose, without compromising on its inherent flexibility. That way our customers can avoid oversizing and maximise cost and weight savings, while also getting the required support of loads.

In order to provide maximum savings, we use an advanced structural analysis software called Precision for Decision (P4D) to model our Mekano® triangular channels. With this tool we can model both typicals and bespoke support scenarios with unlimited load combinations. The result is an accurate and transparent report of load capacity, which helps engineers to size the supports according to their set out requirements.

P4D is our precise answer to our customers’ questions about mechanical capacity.

- Sondre Svendsen, Engineering Support Manager. 

Flexibility for future modifications

Our experience suggests that sooner or later there will be a need for modification work on a project. A welded solution is time-consuming to modify – you have cut supports, only to weld it back in place later. It is both difficult and costly to perform these types of modifications during operation.

Welding is unnecessary if you use our grid solution coupled with the Mekano® support system. All you need to add another support is a Mekano® channel, our anti-vibration bolts, and some tools intended for cold work.

All the pipe clamps in our product range fits with the Mekano® support system. The clamps can be fixed directly onto the channel’s perforations, or by using an adapter. As a standard offering, we can supply pipe clamps in sizes from ½” to 8”, which suits most projects.

However, if a standard solution does not comply with the project requirements, we can provide engineering support to find a tailormade solution. The Mekano® system is flexible and facilitates for a range of different support configurations. Oglaend System can also design new products in a different size or material type. 

MultiGrid® provides savings from the start

With the MultiGrid® solution it is easy to make system changes, and it can be done throughout the lifetime of an installation. The purpose of MultiGrid® is to provide shared support for all disciplines in a single system.

The MultiGrid® concept is based on a grid philosophy, where you weld starter brackets in a distinct pattern on the installation surface. By doing so, you do not need to pre-determine, locate and provide direct support for each component. To accommodate for special load requirements, such as piping, you can add more starter brackets.