Subsidiary company

Oglaend System Norway (HQ)

Oglaend System AS, Norway was established in 1977 and is situated in Kleppe, 30 km south of Stavanger in Norway. The company also has offices in the cities of Oslo, Ålesund, Bergen and Trondheim.


Oglaend System AS Norway is the group's main production plant for multidiscipline support systems, cable ladders and -trays made from steel. The sales organisation is targeted at the Norwegian market for oil & gas, ships building, infrastructure, wind power, clean room as well as the markets for heating cables and piping equipment.

Headquarters & factory

Postal address
Øglænd System AS
P.O. Box 133
4358 Kleppe

Visiting address
Øglænd System AS
Engelsvollvegen 264
4353 Klepp St.

T: +47 517 88 100
E:  oglaend@oglaend-system.com


Branch Offices

Øglænd System AS
Nardoveien 12
7032 Trondheim
T: +47 738 09 970

Øglænd System AS
Lømyrveien 39
6035 Fiskarstrand
T: +47 701 90 950

Øglænd System AS
Janaflaten 47
5179 Godvik
T: +47 40 76 73 14

Øglænd System AS
Alf Bjerckes vei 22
0582 Oslo
T: +47 222 51 510
E: varme@oglaend-system.com