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Oglaend System US

Oglaend System US is located in Houston, Texas, USA.

Oglaend System US was incorporated in 2010. Effective January 01, 2021, Oglaend System US was merged into Hilti, Inc. (Hilti US).

Our primary focus is on the offshore oil and gas and shipbuilding sector in North America. Oglaend System US handles all business throughout the United States and Canada from our location in Houston, TX.

We maintain a large amount of inventory in our Houston warehouse including cable tray, channel tray and associated accessories, in addition we stock our weight reducing MultiGrid® modular support systems. Our logistics department can ship anywhere throughout North America.

Large project orders can be delivered to any location worldwide direct from our production facilities. Oglaend System US has carried out several projects with owners such as Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, ATP, BW Offshore, Pemex, Petrobras, Harvey Gulf Marine, Hornbeck and Candies.


Oglaend System US LLC
283 Lockhaven Dr, Suite 201
Houston, TX 77073

Phone: + 1 281 209 0678
E-mail: sales-northamerica@oglaend-system.com


Kai-Lee Chang
Office Manager
Dir tel.: +1 281 209 0678

Karen Torres
Hablo Español
Sales Coordinator
Dir tel.: +1 281 209 0678
E-mail: sales-northamerica@oglaend-system.com

Maria Monterrosa
Hablo Español
Logistics and Office Coordinator
Tel.: +1 281 209 0678

James Hargrove
Warehouse Manager
Dir tel.: +1 281 209 0678