Subsidiary company


Oglaend System Sweden was established in 2002 and is a part of Hilti Sweden since 2020. Hilti Sweden / Oglaend System Sweden is located centrally in the Region of Øresund in Arlöv.

Our primary industrial focus is on construction companies, infrastructure, oil & gas sector both onshore and offshore, as well as shipbuilding. Lately we have carried out several projects such as Södra Länken motorway tunnels in Stockholm, the Götatunnel in Gothenburg and Norrotsleden.


Hilti Svenska AB
Att: Stefan Brunnelöv
Testvägen 1
232 37 Arlöv

Tel: +46 72 572 66 53
Email: seteamoglaendorder@hilti.com


Kim Berg
Business Developer
Mob.: +46 70 552 42 35
E-mail: kim.berg@hilti.com

Stefan Brunnelöv
Business Developer
Mob.: +46 72 572 66 53
E-mail: stefan.brunneloev@hilti.com

Thomas Flomèn
Business Developer
Mob.: +46 72 572 66 53
E-mail: seteamoglaendorder@hilti.com