History and Timeline

We have collected highlights from our company’s long and rich history. What started out as a small engineering branch has developed into a thriving multinational company.


Jonas Øglænd took over Sandnes Jernvarefabrikk

The story about Oglaend System began in 1976, when Jonas Oglaend AS took over Sandnes Jernvarefabrikk (hardware factory). Gunnstein Austigard (picture), a young electrical engineer from Jonas Oglaend AS was assigned to analyse and evaluate the product portfolio of this acquisition. Austigard concluded that among garbage cans, wheelbarrows and copper items there was a greater potential for cable ladders especially within the oil and gas sector that had just started blooming in Norway.



A new market leader was born

Based on the portfolio and market research by Gunnstein Austigard, Jonas Oglaend AS decided to target the development and production of the product lines, we today know under the brand name Oglaend System. This was undertaken by the division called, O-Engineering. From day one the company’s goal was to be the market leader in cable trays, cable ladders and multidiscipline support systems.



Lower weight, but greater strength!

O-Engineering developed fully pre-slotted profiled cable ladders and cable trays. The system was significantly lighter and installation was made easier by replacing welding and drilling with bolting; which then resulted in dramatically reduced installation time. This year Jonas Oglaend AS got outstanding feedback for its exhibition at the Offshore Northern Sea (ONS) exhibition in Stavanger.



Breakthrough year

O-System won the contract for cable support systems for the Statfjord B project and with this had truly found its place among offshore activity in the North Sea.



Amoco Valhall

O-Engineering was awarded the contract for cable trays and cable ladders for Amoco Valhall. The Valhall system was coated with epoxy, which was a costly wrong treatment of cable trays and ladders on Statfjord A seeing as the weather conditions were extremely harsh. This lead the way for O-Engineering, who was assigned to rectify the problem.

Increasing revenue

The department for industrial assembly equipment within O-Engineering passed 10 million NOK in revenue.



First Advertisement

This year the brand name Oglaend System appeared in an advertisement for the first time.

Another Statfjord contract

Oglaend System won the contract for Statfjord C.



More jobs in the North Sea

Corrosion problems in the North Sea generated more jobs for Oglaend System, with supplies to both Elf Frigg and Odin. This year the branch magazine, "Kampanje" no.7/8 1982, published an editorial about Oglaend System’s strategy and product development.



Breakthrough for stainless steel

The supply of stainless steel to Gullfaks A was a breakthrough for Oglaend System. The system really reduced the need for maintenance work and extended product lifetime. A lot of credit was given to Oglaend System for the efforts within product development. Oglaend System entered into agreements for supply of Statpipe. This comprehensive supply covered the need for cable supports to the two offshore platforms, the subsea-tunnels under Førresfjorden and Førlandsfjorden in addition to the Kårstø plant.



Sole supplier status



Recognition from offshore experts

The experiences from Statpipe were promoted. Oglaend System was the only supplier who could cope with the size of this contract. Oglaend System’s products achieved great recognition among offshore experts due to their excellent material quality, weight-reducing construction and anti-corrosive quality. The innovative system simplified mounting greatly. 



Oglaend System was awarded the contract for Gullfaks C og Oseberg B



Oglaend System AS is formed

Jonas Oglaend AS divided the metal group into three individual Ltd. companies and Oglaend System AS was formed. The same year Jonas Oglaend AS was bought by Varnergruppen - a holding company with a main focus on real-estate and clothing.



Launch of the Flexogrid®-system

The Flexogrid® system, patent no. 155664, was launched. An integrated support system for all disciplines - piping, electrical cables, HVAC channels and instrumentation. Flexogrid® delivered added value through time reduction, maximised volume utilisation, weight reduction, enhanced lifetime and improved safety performance. Over the years the Flexogrid® and the Oglaend System grid philosophy in general have become symbols of the core of the Oglaend System brand. Today the Flexogrid®-system has been replaced and improved with our MultiGrid® installation concept.



Best performance in the group

Despite being "the quiet boy" among all the other divisions in the Varner-Oglaend, Oglaend System AS undoubtedly showed the best performance of all. After the Varner-Gruppen acquisition in 1987 all divisions that were not related to either real-estate or clothing were put up for sale, including Oglaend System AS. KPMG had the assignment and there were a lot of potential buyers, among others the management group of Oglaend System AS.

This year the ETIN™ tubing clamp is launched.



Change of ownership

Varner-Oglaend sold Oglaend System AS for 29 million NOK to a new group of local owners and was officially entrusted the new owners on 1 January 1991. The new owner-group consisted of NE Norsk Elektro 37,5%, main supplier MFK Stahlbau 30%, Lars and Tor L. Øglænd 22,5% and Gunnstein Austigard 10%.

"KnowHow" on wheels

This year Oglaend System AS invested in a brand-new demonstration van. The innovative product portfolio and the KnowHow of the company is consolidated in this new exhibition van. This marked the beginning of Oglaend System AS' work with seminars and product training.

Shell Draugen

This year Oglaend System won the supply for the Shell Draugen field.



The Storebælt bridge

The Storebælt bridge (7,5 km) and tunnel (8 km) connect the islands, Sjælland and Fyn in Denmark and consists of both highway and railway. Oglaend System supplied approximately 50 km LOE cable ladders (50% in Hot Dip Galvanized and 50% in stainless steel). Complete with accessories like channels, brackets, clamps etc.

The FLEXI-RISER™ was launched.



Recession in oil & gas market

Oglaend System was forced to search for alternative market places, as in 1993 there was a recession period in the oil and gas industry. Several new solutions for tunnels, bridges and the food-processing industry were developed. Furthermore, Oglaend System invested in stamping machines from Finnpower. In 1993 the turnover was 70 million NOK with a revenue of 8,2 million NOK. This was also the year the Flexi Hinge™ was introduced.



Oglaend System Netherlands opened

The first Oglaend System subsidiary was opened in Ridderkerk in Netherlands. The office also cover the market in Germany and Belgium. In addition to office facilities, the subsidiary also has a finished goods warehouse that can quickly supply most cable ladders, cable trays, support systems and ETIN.



Industry award from Sandnes Sparebank

Oglaend System AS was awarded the "Industry Award" from Sandnes Sparebank. The jury said: "Oglaend System AS has developed a good and profitable enterprise with a product portfolio that is leading in its industry". In the picture Mayor Jostein W. Rovik (to the right) hands the prize to MD, Gunnstein Austigard.

This year the UNO card is launched.



Export increasingly important

Exports now counted for about 30% of the total turnover. Oglaend System AS took over the supplies to Hibernia - the world's largest concrete platform, with the largest platform deck ever built, located offshore in Newfoundland, Canada. 70,000 meters of cable trays and ladders were supplied.




During Christmas holidays in 1998 Oglaend System AS moved factory and administration from Sandnes to Øksnevad Business Park, which is still our base of operation. This was not a small operation, as 300-400 full-loads on trailers moved the 25 machines, stock and office inventory. All 25 machines had to be dismantled, moved and reassembled. Suddenly the 45 employees had about 7,000 m2 at their disposal. This year the turnover reached 165 million NOK with a 10% revenue.



Singapore office opened

To be a part of the increased activity in the construction of platforms and ships in Singapore and the Middle East, Oglaend System opened an office in Singapore.



New show room

The new show and demonstration room with a capacity for 30 people was ready. Oglaend System was now a global market leader with its products in stainless steel. This called for an increased effort with product training and seminars. In 2001 turnover was 185 million NOK with an export share of 50%. Number of employees was at this point in time 115. This called for investing in a fully-automatic folding machine for three-meter-ladders.

Oglaend System UK opened

The UK subsidiary was established in 2000 and is located in the heart of England, the West Midlands. Their primary industrial focus is on the offshore and onshore oil and gas sector, shipbuilding, infrastructure/tunnels and water treatment industry. Oglaend System UK is also the European hub for deliveries of FRP support systems.



Sweden office opened

Oglaend System Sweden was established with its main office situated in Nacka in Stockholm and a regional office in the Region of Øresund in Höllviken south of Malmö. Their primary industrial focus is on construction companies, infrastructure, onshore and offshore oil and gas sector and shipbuilding.

The SMART BOX™ was launched.



The Snøhvit facility at Melkøya


Oglaend System worked for a year on gaining the Snøhvit contract and eventually did win it. The contract covered about 20% of the production volume.

Export award 

Oglaend System was awarded the prestigious "Export Award" for Rogaland in Norway.  

Oglaend Industries AS was formed

With the formation of Oglaend Industries AS all international sales offices were changed into subsidiaries of the parent company. 



International growth

The management declared that a yearly growth of 10-20% must be generated by export. This year Oglaend System won the contract for Ormen Lange. Furthermore, The Clean Trunking Type CT for hygienic and clean environment, was launched. A new market opened for Oglaend System with supplies of tailormade trunking systems for clean room plants such as slaughterhouses, pharmaceutical industry, breweries, dairies etc.

Oglaend System Korea

Oglaend System Korea

Oglaend System Korea Co., Ltd was established in 2004. Currently, there are two offices, respectively in Busan and Seoul. In Busan, the subsidary also has a large warehouse and fabrication facility. Their primary industrial focus is on the offshore and onshore oil and gas sector, as well as shipbuilding.



Factory effectiveness

Turnover increased with 61,3% to 242 million NOK and the export-rate reached 57%. The company was targeting a turnover of 450 million NOK in three years and this called for a strong focus on big international projects, product development and factory effectiveness. This year the MultiGrid® installation concept was launched.



Oglaend Industries Middle East established

Due to great business possibilities within the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, Oglaend Industries AS established a subsidiary in Dubai. More importantly, this subsidiary was also the main centre for development and production of a new product line, namely FRP. This year a contract was made with Aker Kvaerner for the supply of the H6 project.



30-year anniversary

In 2007 there were many reasons to celebrate. On 27th of April Oglaend System AS celebrated its 30-year anniversary with a gala dinner for 250 guests in Atlantic Hall in Stavanger. Another milestone in our company’s history was that in 2007 Oglaend System had a record turnover of 375 million NOK and the highest monthly turnover of 41 million NOK. This year was marked by an incredible demand for our multidiscipline support systems. Seeing as this almost burst production capacity, more than 40 million NOK was invested in expanding the factory, acquiring a fully-automatic “night-train”, fully-automatic welding robots, a new demonstration van and new office interiors.

Subsidiary in Denmark established

Oglaend System's subsidiary in Denmark was opened, which would serve as the group’s main hub for wind power solutions - both offshore and onshore. However, they also work within oil and gas, infrastructure and the food processing industry.



New CEO, Geir Austigard

End of an era and beginning of a new one

Oglaend System’s founder Gunnstein Austigard stepped down as CEO, which lead the way for his son Geir Austigard to take over the CEO position.

Oglaend Industries Malaysia

Subsidiary and Factory specialising in FRP opened

This was also the year our subsidiary and factory in Malaysia was established. It has a total area of 6,700 square meters and its main fabrication is FRP and some steel products. Malaysia is Oglaend’s centre for FRP and global export, with the main end market being Asia.



Sweden offices moved

Oglaend System AB in Sweden moved offices from Staffanstorp til Höllviken.



Complete supplier

Oglaend System has over the years gone from beeing a component supplier to offer a complete product portfolio of multidiciplinary systems, adhering to the name Oglaend System. This was also the year the first prototype of the Mekano® triangular channel was made.



Oglaend System opened in Russia and the USA

On 1 January 2011 Oglaend Industries AS established two new subsidiaries, respectively in the USA and Russia.

Major delivery to Goliat project

Oglaend System started the delivery to the FPSO called Sevan Goliat. For this project Oglaend System supplied stainless steel systems such as: MultiGrid®, ladders, trays, HVAC supports, pipe supports and accessories. The topside weight for this project was 30,000 tonnes, with a total value of $42 million for Oglaend System.



Organisational change

The R&D department at Oglaend System was moved to Oglaend Industries, in order to secure quality R&D services for all subsidiaries on an equal basis. Furthermore, we have established engineering hubs in London, Houston and Kuala Lumpur to work as an extended arm of our R&D department. By doing so, we are able to ensure that our customers can get our advise and recommendations from an office nearby their project's location.

Large-scale projects

Oglaend System procured a contract for supply of E&I support systems, cable trays and cable ladders for BG’s project called Knarr. The total sale for this project was 40,3 million NOK. In addition, our company also won a contract for another Norway based installation, namely ConocoPhillips’ Ekofisk LQ. It was supplied E&I support systems, cable trays and cable ladders, piping and HVAC support for a total of 95 million NOK.



Major oil and gas contracts won

Oglaend System won two large-scale international contracts for a total of 200 million NOK. The gas projects Shell Prelude FLNG and Inpex Ichthys CPF were both in need of multidisciplinary systems, cable trays and cable ladders.

New equipment in our Norwegian factory

New equipment in our Norwegian factory

A few investments were made into the Norwegian factory; a new robot cell and rolling mill were installed. The robot cell greatly increased productivity through optimizing production flow, minimising total production cost and reduced the physical strain on workers. The rolling mill on tracks significantly enhanced the production capacity.

Goliat project reached a new peak

In October, the deliveries to the Goliat project exceeded 200 million NOK. Oglaend System had a record breaking turnover this month totalling 8.9 million USD, and could also celebrate having the highest monthly group turnover in the whole history of the group - a total of 100 million NOK.

Opening of the factory in China

Subsidiary and a third factory opened

On Monday 27th of October the factory in China was declared officially opened. It has a total area of 6,300 square meters and focus on producing galvanized and low cost stainless-steel products. The factory is an important part of our global supply chain strategy and primarily delivers to customers in the eastern part of Asia - including China, Korea and east Russia. This also marked the opening of our subsidiary in China

FRP stock in UK

Oglaend UK moved all FRP stock from Norway to its new warehouse in the UK.

Change of ownership

The private equity firm Segulah IV acquired Oglaend Industries, which opened up for further growth and international expansion. They entered as a medium-term owner and aimed to create change and sustainable value over a period of five to seven years. In 2017 Oglaend Industries was acquired by Hilti Group, who currently owns the company.



Investment in new database

With over 60,000 products Oglaend System needed a tool to contain all the product information. A new product database was developed and was showcased through our Technical Portal. It ensures that our employees are self-sufficient with competence, experience and knowledge at hand. The introduction of the database meant that customers are now able to find up-to-date product information themselves on our webpage.

Demo Room in Kuala Lumpur/Asia/Middle East

At the engineering conference in April, Kuala Lumpur unveiled their new demo room. It set a new standard for presentation of our systems (in Asia), and makes it more interesting for our customers to visit our factory.

Joint France & Switzerland office opens

Oglaend System France & Switzerland was established and mainly serves customers within oil and gas in this region.

Supply to sizeable projects

Oglaend System delivered products to the BP projects, Clair Ridge and QUAD 204, respectively totalling 190,2 million NOK and 134,4 million NOK. Furthermore, Oglaend System won a large contract for Shell’s Prelude project totalling 140 million NOK.



New webpage and product catalogue

A new web page with a product selector was launched, which simplified the process of finding the right products for each customer. In addition, a new product catalogue was printed and distributed.

Photo: Statoil.com

Won Johan Sverdrup contract

Oglaend System entered into a framework agreement with Statoil to supply support systems, cable ladders and cable trays to four offshore platforms at the Johan Sverdrup field. This contract secures jobs and factory production for several years ahead.

Awarded “Globetrotter of the Year

At the Rystad Energy event “Gullkronen”, Oglaend System was awarded the prize of “Globetrotter of the Year”. The jury explained that “Oglaend System won because they deny the Norwegian perception of gravity as they sell low technology products to low-cost countries, and they are doing well with a 45% growth in 2014.

Several large contracts won

Oglaend System supplied E&I support systems, trays, ladders and piping and HVAC support to Aker/BP’s Ivar Aasen project, which amounted to 45 million NOK. Our company also had a contract for Total’s Egina project for a total of 136 million NOK. The largest contract this year was for Inpex’s Semi Sub, the project’s value for Oglaend System was 270 million NOK.



Awarded Business of the Year

Oglaend System received the prestigious "Business of the Year" award. The reasoning being that our company’s growth is founded on our strong corporate culture, and a solid awareness of our own industrial heritage.

Øglænd System Gruppen mottar prisen

Awarded for our work within research and innovation

In addition, Oglaend System also won The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise’s (NHO) Research and Innovation Prize at the Sola Conference. The prize was awarded to our company for showing innovation capabilities in dialogue in the research environment by producing new products or improving processes.

First ever complete FRP system

The first complete FRP system supplied was for the Belgian wind turbine project, Bligh Bank, that was built by Bladt industries and Semco maritime. The transformer platform got a complete FRP system with support channels, ladders, trays and fasteners.

Huge projects supplied to

This year saw some large-scale deliveries to for instance Lukoil’s Filanovsky project with a total of 187 million NOK. But the largest project we delivered to this year was Statoil Mariner, with a supply worth 311 million NOK.  



Australia office opened

Oglaend System Australia Pty Ltd was established with its office in Perth.

Contracts in Singapore

Oglaend System supplied to the Kaombo FPSO x 2 project by Saipem and Maersk UK’s project, Culzean FSO.

Hilti acquires Oglaend System Group

Oglaend System got a new owner

Hilti Group acquired Oglaend System Group; they wish to extend their business in the oil, gas and wind offshore markets. Hilti Group officially became the owner on the 23rd of August.

40-year anniversary

Oglaend System celebrates its 40-year anniversary this year, and hosted the international sales meeting at the headquarters in Norway.  

P4D - Structural analysis program

Our new calculation program Precision for Decision (P4D) was launched.