Returnert fra 6 ukers oppdrag i Busan, Korea

Engineering Support in Korea

Our Senior Sales Engineer Offshore, Remi Andreassen (48), has recently returned from an assignment for six weeks in Busan in Korea. He was stationed at the DSME yard, where he provided both engineering support and technical support in connection with the installation on the Gina Krog project (Statoil).

Remi flew out on Saturday 16 May and returned to Norway on Friday 3 July. The installation had to be carried out according to the INTSOK standard and Remi's job was to ensure Oglaend System best practice, based on projects we have previously carried out for Statoil.

To help and to learn
DSME are making extensive use of so called preassemblies – pre-assembled support modules. "This is a great idea that can be really efficient", Remi explains. "The only issue is that the most frequently used pre-assemblies here are not in accordance with our best practice, so I provide engineering support and try to increase flexibility and help visualize via MDS design software. Korea is a country with a culture that is quite different to Norway, so I also try to gain some insight to how Koreans communicate, manage, plan and delegate in order to improve our understanding of the Korean way", Remi says.

Remi Andreassen presented Oglaend System's technology to 60 people from DSME Engineering Department.


Left: Remi ready for work at DSME. Right: From 20-22 April 2015 Oglaend System Korea hosted the Group's engineering meeting. The picture is from Oglaend System Korea's demo room.