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FRP system installed at fish hatchery in Norway

Fibreglass system at fish hatchery in Norway

«Lerøy Midt» are looking to increase their production at the fish hatchery in Belsvik in Trøndelag and to do so it was necessary to expand the existing facility. Our sales engineer, Nora Fotland, visited the facility to see the final result and get feedback from West Elektro on how they found our support system in FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic).

West Elektro were responsible for electro installations on this project, and we collaborated with them since the beginning of 2020. The very first delivery of FRP cable ladders was shipped in 2021 and now the project is close to completion.

Due to the corrosive environment of the fish hatchery, it was necessary to make some careful considerations when it comes to material choice. To avoid rust and corrosion it was decided to use our system in FRP, which is highly corrosion resistant. In this project West Elektro used cable ladders in FRP material type FOE70.

“One of the benefits of this system is without doubt the corrosion resistance, in this case considering saltwater. In addition, it is lightweight which makes it easier to handle when working overhead. At this facility the stairs and railing are also of composite material, which gives the installation a holistic look,” supervisor for West Elektro, Vidar Kleivli, says.

Benefits of FRP:

  • FRP is very corrosion resistant. 
  • Installation is quick and the system is flexible. Jig drilling templates are used for easy customization and installation of the system.
  • The FRP system is self-extinguishing and halogen free. It is UV-protected and can withstand very low temperatures.
  • The FRP system is included in our 3D design libraries, for easier engineering.

FRP/GRP Composite Suppost System