Product Catalogue - Modular Support Systems for EI&T, HVAC and piping.

The Product Catalogue 2021 is ready!

A new and more comprehensive version of the Product Catalogue is now available for download. We invite you to have a look through our product news for offshore application.

The catalogue contains product information about our molduar support systems, cable trays, cable ladders, tubing clamps, cable cleats, support for piping and HVAC.

You will find several new products and improvements added to the catalogue, like for instance:

  • Our first cable ladder system in ZM material: LOE75.
  • Flexible elbows for the FTE50 cable tray in fibreglass (FRP) material.
  • Equipment towers and instrument stands for offshore installations.

To find more detailed information about a product in the catalogue, you can simply search for the article number on our website, where you will find dimensional information and user guides.