Avoid damages on FPSO cables

It is important to make allowances for structural movement when it comes to cable support systems for FPSO units.

This is usually done by creating gaps between the cable ladder systems, which provides space for cable movement.

Oglaend System has created a custom cable loop that provides a secure transition between cable ladder systems and simultaneously controls the cables’ movement in these gaps. In addition, it ensures that cables are not in direct contact with the end ladder rung, which often causes sheath chafing damages. 

Seeing as FPSO units always are facing the weather, there is a lot of movement in the hull, especially in the zones furthest away from the centre line, and on deck where the cables are placed. If the cables are damaged due to structural movement it will be both time-consuming and costly to rectify.

The cable ladders also need to be fastened in a special way between these cable loops.

Please contact the nearest Oglaend System sales office for more information about our cable loops for FPSO units and other solutions.