New Hilti equipment for Kvaerner Stord
Tore Mathiesen and Kari Anne Øyen from Kvaerner Stord with the new Hilti equipment.

First customer with new fastening technology from Hilti

Kvaerner in Norway has invested in Hilti's brand-new BX 3-BT installation tool to improve efficiency, quality and safety.

No touch-up paint necessary To install grating, Kvaerner uses the X-BT threaded stud, which has been on the market for over 20 years and has quickly become industry standard for offshore and onshore. A new version of X-BT has recently hit the market, with an improved allowance in tension load from 180 to 360 kg.

Kvaerner uses this new stud, plus the S-BT stud to fasten EI&T equipment directly onto painted surfaces, or to create electrical connections for bonding and grounding.

These products for fastening on steel are referred to as Hilti FoS (Fastening on Steel) and are tested and certified for use offshore. Once you’ve completed a short training session it is quick and easy to install the studs. When installed correctly, the studs can have a lifetime of 40 years in harsh outdoor environments. Therefore, Hilti/Oglaend has implemented a required 2-hour long installation course, which must be passed before handling the equipment.

About 150 employees at Kvaerner Stord have already completed this training. Tore Mathiesen from Kvaerner Stord has created internal procedures regarding equipment handling and installation of FoS to continue upholding the quality of installation. The procedures cover the following:

  • Fastening EI&T equipment such as cable trays, tubing, lighting, instruments and more.
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Fastening of grating

We here at Oglaend System are impressed with how professionally Kvaerner is handling this technology and we wish them all the best with their new and efficient tools!