H. Pedersen in front of wind construction
H. Pedersen in front of wind construction

Focusing on Wind Energy!

Our product designer Per Kristian H. Pedersen has traveled on a six-month long mission to our subsidiary in Denmark, to contribute towards our efforts in the wind industry.

Oglaend System Denmark focus on wind energy

Oglaend System Denmark has it's primary business focus on offshore and onshore wind energy. For nearly 40 years Oglaend System has developed and supplied multidiscipline support solutions for major international offshore oil and gas projects. Since 2007 we have carefully developed our proven technology to also fit wind energy installations. In 2016 alone we have worked on 34 different wind projects. Whilst some projects are completed, others are ongoing with a constant high activity level. We are currently involved in the detailed design stages for 2400 transition pieces (TP) and 43 substations. The development of offshore windfarms is ever increasing, and as the farms grows bigger and bigger, the technology and our design solutions also evolve and adapt to the change.

Close cooperation with the customer

Per Kristian essentially has the same tasks in Denmark as in Norway; he designs cable conduits and support systems for wind tubines. The difference is that he now gets to cooporeate and interact even closer with his colleagues and customers in Denmark. By attending client meetings he has the opportunity for a broader understanding of possible issues and the ability to discuss design and solutions with the customer in detail to develop more customer friendly solutions.

From development to installation

Through our concept of monitoring all stages of the process, from development to installation, Oglaend System offers a level of service which differentiates itself from competitors. Many years of systematic work and concept development has given both us and our customers a competitive advantage with our constantly expanding product portfolio and knowledge basis.

Another advantage of including the designers in the concept clarification stage with customers is easy access to 3D models. This allowes us to show and explore solutions together with the customer in a live environment. Good communication and mutual understanding is key to a good development process, and the 3D models are an important tool. Closer cooperation with our major customers and engineering companies in Denmark is allowing us to identify needs and requirements at an early stage. Our experience has shown that to be involved in the early design stages is paramount to be able to deliver the most efficient and comprehensive design solutions for the customers.


Øglænd System Danmark holder Skype-møte med Dong.
H. Pedersen, Jonas Lysgaard and Klaus Kronborg during a Skype-meeting with DONG, regarding the design of the Hornsea project.

Exchange of expertise

Per Kristian who is part of Oglaend System Group Technology & Marketing in Norway, has already gained new insight and knowledge in just 2 months in Denmark which he will bring back to share with our innovation team. Product development in Oglaend System has always been characterized by a close cooperation with customers and we look forward to deploying more of our designers on inspection and exchanges in the future.


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