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Introducing Best Practice for Shipbuilding

The increased ordering activity in the shipbuilding industry has led to more pressure on shipyards. As a worldwide supplier of support systems for cable management and fasteners we have seen the potential to improve and simplify installation practices.

We have worked together with several shipyards to invent smarter and more lean installation practices that comply with the latest requirements.

Smart installation and flexibility

The result of this work is presented in our brand-new Best Practice for Shipbuilding. This 100-page long document contains smart installation practices that ensure flexibility throughout the vessel’s entire lifecycle. Included in this article you will find a short sample of this document, to provide an overview of the topics covered.

Click here to download the sample document.


Fast Track Shipbuilding

Our concept Fast Track Shipbuilding is covered in the manual. See the video below to learn more.

Access to full version

To gain access to the full version, please contact your local Øglænd System or Hilti sales organisation.