FRP Cable Ladder installed under a bridge.

Major corrosion challenges under bridges

It is common to use cable ladders made of stainless steel under bridges, especially in Norway, but it turns out that this might not be the best material choice for these installations.

Dirt, road dust and salt from winter maintenance accumulates under bridges, and it is never cleaned. Other outdoor installations get a natural clean when it rains, and in road tunnels there are periodic washdowns; but under bridges the dirt stays on the installation.

This often results in rust and corrosion, also on products in stainless steel. The areas around bolts and other points where the dirt is accumulating are especially vulnerable.

To combat this issue, we recommend our high-quality products in FRP (fibre reinforced polyester), a material that does not corrode. To complete Oglaend System’s wide range of FRP products, we can also offer special bolts in FRP material. That way it is possible to get a completely metal-free installation and eliminate all corrosion challenges.

Oglaend System’s products in FRP are suited for the most demanding environments, and therefore works well with all types of bridges.

We stock FRP products in Norway, UK and Malaysia, so fast delivery is possible wherever your project is located.

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