Installation without any hot work required

Save 30% on technical support systems for MMO projects

A demanding oil and gas marked has led to postponements of scheduled maintenance work, and modification projects have been put on hold.

Estimating costs for technical support systems can be a difficult task. It is common to suffer budget overruns due to complex engineering and long installation time.

Click to view brochureTo help our customers we have developed a set of specific solutions that will lower the costs by at least 30% for MMO projects.

We have supplied this market the past 40 years and we continuously strive to make our customers more competitive. This brochure will make it easier and more predictable to get started on necessary upgrade works.

View our new MMO brochure and see how you can reduce MMO costs.

Reduced engineering time

All our EIT and HVAC support systems are pre-engineered, further calculations are not required. Engineering is efficiently completed by use of our load table and rules of thumb.

When it comes to simple maintenance tasks, these can be carried out by the offshore technical crew. 

Quick purchasing process

The systems and products in the MMO brochure are standardised and proven solutions. Only a few parts are required. Simple constructions lead to improved logistics.

No hot work required

Several of our customers already have a grid-system installed. However, if that is not the case, we can provide solid starter brackets that can be installed without any hot work.

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