Top 10: World's Longest Road Tunnels

3 of the world's 10 longest road tunnels are situated in Norway. Being 25 km long the Laerdal Tunnel i Norway is the world's longest road tunnel - and it is equipped with support and cable ladders from Oglaend System.

To ease the drive through the 25 km long tunnel, there is a huge hall every 6 km.   These halls are illuminated with blue colour under the ceiling and yellow down by the road. With that the drivers feel that they are driving almost in the air with light down from a thin glacier and a sun rise in the horizon.   The aim of this illumination is to minimize the risk of drivers falling a sleep behind the wheel during the long tunnel-drive-through.

Oglaend System has delivered material to support all lighting (1650 each) throughout the tunnel. For support Oglaend System has 1600 specially designed hangers and supplied ladders are Type LOE.

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