Cable ladders in the Henrikdals tunnel at Saltsjöbanan.

Stockholm Public Transport gets its first FRP installation

This summer SL (Stockholm Public Transport) started renovating their railroads and railwaytunnels on Saltsjöbanan, as several technical installations needed upgrading and modernization to cope with the public transportation for the future.

As a part of this project, Oglaend System Sweden, has delivered cable ladders in Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and support systems in stainless steel to the Henriksdals tunnel in Nacka municipality, outside of Stockholm.

The tunnel has undergone upgrade work with both sealing and expansion, and installation of new technical installations. It is now equipped with Oglaend System's FOE100 cable ladders and Mekano® support channels.

We are very pleased with Oglaend System products. Their FRP products are easy to work with and due to their insulating properties, there are no concerns when it comes to electrical safety. 

- Patrik Angnell, Head of Construction at Infranord.

Cable ladders in the Henrikdals tunnel at Saltsjöbanan.

Further ahead, Oglaend System Sweden is working in collaboration with Ramböll on the preparation of potential R&D solutions for several of SL's railway projects.