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FTE50 Flexi Elbow for FRP Cable Tray.

Flexi Elbow for FTE50 Cable Tray in FRP

The flexible elbow for FTE50 cable trays in FRP material makes it easy to create horizontal direction changes on the tray’s span. You simply form it by hand in any angle from 0-90°. In addition, it can be used to create side steps. There are covers available that fit all installation angles.

Product Overview

Flat elbow flexible FTE50

Flat elbow flexible FTE50
Item numberNameMaterial
120765Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-50 FRPFRP
120766Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-100 FRPFRP
120767Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-150 FRPFRP
120768Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-200 FRPFRP
120769Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-300 FRPFRP
120770Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-400 FRPFRP
120772Flat elbow FTE50 FE-FX-600 FRPFRP

Cover flexible FTE50

Cover flexible FTE50
Item numberNameMaterial
120773Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-50 FRPFRP
120774Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-100 FRPFRP
120775Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-150 FRPFRP
120776Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-200 FRPFRP
120777Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-300 FRPFRP
120778Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-400 FRPFRP
120780Cover FTE CO-FE-FX-600 FRPFRP


Product Features

Full adjustability from 0-90º without steps

The different angles are easily formed by hand and then secured with A4 self-locking screws in stainless steel.

Side-step installation

The design makes it easy to create side-steps with standard parts.

Cover suits all angles

The covers for straight cable trays are fitted over the flexi elbow cover. Covers ranging from 50-300mm widths have snap-on feature. Whereas, on 400-600mm wide covers it’s necessary to use self-locking screws in A4 stainless steel to secure it.



  • FRP cable tray with nylon back strip combined with A4 stainless steel bolt sets to create a flexible 0-90º angle bend.
  • Easily adjustable angle from 0-90º without steps.
  • All bends with radius 75mm inside.


  • Efficient assembly.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Can be used to make side steps.
  • Covers suit all angles (50mm to 300mm wide covers are ’snap-on’).


See how easily you can change the tray's route with the new FTE50 Flexi Elbow.