FRP System installed at Bremnes Seashore hatchery in Trovåg. © Øglænd System
FRP System installed at Bremnes Seashore hatchery in Trovåg. © Øglænd System

Corrosive environment? Try our durable systems in fibreglass

We offer a complete system containing cable ladders, cable trays and support profiles – all produced in corrosion resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP). This system is designed to provide a substantial weight reduction, while maintaining strength and maximizing load capacity.

FRP is especially well suited for environments where corrosion is a risk factor. The material is self-extinguishing and halogen free. Cable ladders are UV-protected and can withstand low temperatures.

Fixing such as splice plates are usually supplied in stainless steel. However, if required, these fixings can also be supplied in FRP material, to get a completely metal-free installation. Using our Smart Jig drill templates makes it easy to customize support profiles and drill perforations in the correct spot.

FRP installation at Bremnes Seashore Trovåg © Øglænd System

What are the benefits of using FRP?

Corrosion Resistance
FRP has great corrosion resistance! The system can be supplied with FRP fixings, instead of stainless steel.

Quick and Flexible Installation
All our systems fit together, which is why it is easy to combine the FRP system with other steel support systems such as Mekano®. A Smart Jig drill template is used to simplify installation.

Self-extinguishing & Halogen-free
The FRP system is self-extinguishing and halogen-free. It is UV-protected and can withstand low temperatures.

3D library
The FRP systems are available in 3D design libraries, to facilitate easy engineering.

Where is it optimal to use FRP?


FRP is a great choice for industrial areas with a corrosive environment. FRP systems are available as light weight installations, or heavy-duty systems with high load capacity.

Marine farming & aquaculture
In the marine farming industry it is especially crucial to avoid rust. 

Car parks
In open car parks without walls a common challenge is the accumulation of dust and salt. This can cause contamination and consequnetly, corrosion on the steel systems. A major concern is that rust water could drip from the steel systems and damage the parked cars. To avoid this challenge we recommend using FRP systems in open car parks.  

Electrical facilities
FRP is the best solution for substations, transformers and similar. There is no need to worry about earthing as FRP is neither magnetic nor conductive.

Swimming pools
FRP is a preferred choice in highly corrosive environments with high chloride content and humidity. Swimming pools and other aqua centres usually have this challenging environment.

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