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Overview of our cable cleat types - SmartCleat

Which cable cleat should you choose?

To use cable cleats is an important safety precaution in case of a short circuit event where substantial damages to cables and surrounding installations could occur, and more importantly, to safeguard personnel against potential injuries. A cleat will keep cables tightly secured during operation and in case of short circuit events.

In our cable cleat range, there are 3 different types – SmartCleat®, SmartCleat+ and Non-metallic SmartCleat GRP. All Oglaend System cable cleats have DNV type approval in accordance with the new and more stringent requirements of the IEC 61914:2021 standard.

Let’s take you through a quick introduction of the cable cleat types we offer!

SmartCleat – cable retention cleat

SmartCleat® are patented short circuit approved cable cleats, which can easily be mounted onto any pre-slotted rung design – whether it’s on a support channel or a cable ladder.

The cleat secures the cables close to the rungs, which provides additional support to the cables and helps avoid sagging which can increase tension on the cable.

  • Available for single & trefoil formations
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Pads and insert available to increase tightening pressure where cable tolerances vary, or for vertical runs to provide extra grip.

SmartCleat+ especially suited for large and rigid cables

One of the things that sets SmartCleat+ apart from other cleats is the installation method. This cleat is simply placed on top of the cables and secured onto the support or cable ladder. SmartCleat+ is an excellent solution for large cables that often are rigid and difficult to lift and handle. What’s more, the cleat has a high peak short circuit resistance.  

  • Available for single and trefoil formation
  • Optimized for installation on support
  • Easy and quick installation on larger cables up to 150 mm

Non-metallic SmartCleat GFP – corrosion resistant cleat in composite material

The Non-metallic SmartCleat is manufactured in glass fibre reinforced polyamide (GFP) which is free from halogen and red phosphorus. In application areas where corrosion is a challenge the Non-metallic SmartCleat is a good fit.

  • Available for single and trefoil formation
  • Non-magnetic and non-conductive
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Flame retardant material
  • Rotatable design to allow securing cables for various angles
  • Can be installed on our fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) supports, Mekano® supports and Hilti MT supports
  • Can be installed on our FRP cable ladder series called FOE or the stainless-steel cable ladder series called OE

Help for selecting cleat, determining quantity needed and spacing of cleats

To make the selection of cable cleats easier we have developed a Cable Cleat selector that will recommend cleat type, quantity, cleat spacing based on your project requirements.

Try our Cable Cleat Selector here: