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Interface bracket Mekano

Fully utilize space in tunnels with our new Interface Brackets

Sometimes a complex challenge can be solved with only a few innovative products! Our new interface brackets are testament to that philosophy as they open for endless possibilities to install Mekano® triangular channels to rock bolt supports in tunnels. Now it's easy to apply our MultiGrid® installation system using rock bolts too!

With its flexible design the interface bracket ensures easy adjustment of the angle and orientation of the channels in order follow the tunnel’s curvature to fully utilize the available space. 

The brackets are ideal to maximize the support capacity and space efficiency for all disciplines in infrastructure projects including electrical, signaling, ventilation, piping and firewater.  

How do the brackets work? 


Product overview

Interface bracket
Article no.Product descriptionMaterial
91989Interface bracket Mekano CH100-2T IF-RO M16 PTSS
91839Interface bracket Mekano CH100-2T IF-RO M20 PTSS
91990Interface bracket Mekano CH100-2T IF-RO-HI PTSS


  • Flexible design
  • Flexible bracket for rock bolt applications
  • Bracket allows utilization of curvature of tunnels


  • Available in version for M16 and M20 threaded rods
  • Attach Mekano® CH100-2T directly to interface bracket
  • Attach using hinge bracket for full flexibility
  • Allows rotation around 2 axes
  • Adjustable along the rock bolt