Raised cover clamp

FRP Clamp to elevate cover and improve ventilation

By utilizing our raised cover clamp solutions together with our cable trays with covers you are rewarded with more available space inside the tray and significantly improve ventilation to keep cabling cool.

The raised cover clamp is as the name suggests is used to raise the cover from the cable tray. The raised cover clamp is compatible with all FTE cable trays in fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). However, it should be noted that the installation procedure will differ depending on cover type used.

For "snap-on" covers you simply use the clamp as a jig and drill through the side profile of the cable tray and secure it using an M16x16 panhead screw and a M6 flange nut, which is included with the clamp. The cover can then be "clipped" onto the raised cover clamp.

It’s important to note that for covers without "snap-on" properties, the cover should be secured to the raised cover clamp.

All cable trays that are installed in areas with exposure to wind or pressure changes should also secured as best practice.  

For more information on installation procedures please contact us.

Product functionality & details

  • Fits all height FTE Cable Trays.
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) 
  • Raises cover height by 27 mm. 
  • Works with all “snap-on” covers (FTE Cover widths 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 mm). 
  • Fits covers wider than 300 mm with screws only. 
  • Recommended to use 8 clamps per 3 m length of tray. 

Product advantages

  • FRP material is corrosion resistant. 
  • Allows for extra ventilation of FTE Cable Trays. 
  • Elevates cover from tray to allow for more space.